The Secret Message of the Hidden Texts

The greatest mystery of humanity, revealed.


A solution to the greatest mystery not known to humankind. If it were known, of course, it would not be a mystery. Therefore, I have to explain the mystery first, so that I can then explain the solution. The problem is complex. It is important to understand the subject, because this knowledge will change the future of humanity.

I will be as brief as possible, telling the solution first. You can corroborate it for yourself. I will not tell the story of how I discovered it, which would be very long, about twenty years of research. All this time I did not know that it was all part of a single mystery.

My research process is the same as when I am creating visual art. I will explain that process as a parable, so that it is possible to understand the research method. I have used the same working principle:

While creating art, I like to work with six or seven different works at the same time. They are unique, and they are at different points in the process. When I am working on one, in my subconscious I am thinking about the others. Sometimes I get stuck with one, I put it aside to continue with another. And then, when I get stuck with that one, I start working on another one. I exchange ideas with different works of art. I like to work with the one I am most inspired by at the time. It is a long process, and I produce a little, but what I do has to be perfect. I do not get frustrated when I am stuck, I move on to another one. In my subconscious, I keep thinking why I am stuck. Then, out of nowhere, the solution comes to me a few weeks (or months) later.