The End or the Start?


To be enlightened is difficult to attain, but not impossible. It is the highest possible state of being. The journey begins with the curiosity of knowing who you are, how you are, where you are, and how societies and the universe work.

Then you strive to become the best possible version of yourself (not your ego, which is the enemy), understanding your place in the universe. Either you indulge your inner self (your ega) and are free of all material things, or you are a slave to it.

The ego is a personal mental creation (conscious and unconscious) that constructs the perception of who you are to the rest of the world. Your inner self is who you really are, the “ega”. Every decision you make is based on the one or the other. Understand this: everything on this planet is designed to make you a slave to your ego.

I like human beings who understand the difference and I prefer to spend time with those who want to enrich the soul. The more knowledge you share with someone, the more knowledge you receive. Always different. That’s the beauty of sharing knowledge, wisdom and love…. The more you share, the more you receive.

Invest time in yourself, read it again… and again… and, if it made you think and reflect, help spread the love, wisdom and knowledge.


Just as I share this knowledge with you, you can share this digital book with someone interested in their personal or spiritual development.

With this “A Theory of Everything” I am feeding your mind, but it is only an appetizer. The aim of this manifesto is to make you think and question your reality and ours. You are the person who has to keep feeding your brain with knowledge, wisdom and dreams to keep your soul expanding.
My goal is to share information. The idea is to keep updating this philosophy from time to time, elaborate a bit more. Maybe other topics.

I will create a non-profit foundation, and donate the rights of this book to keep it available for free. Working this way, digital books are free or on the principle of “donate whatever you want”, to create that foundation, and continue this project.

If you donate something, the price of a book for example, then you will automatically receive every update of this ebook as I work on the thesis, long before the new book is published.

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Thank you!

Love, always…