Male Sexuality

A basic introduction


First, read “Female Sexuality”. Second, understand female sexuality. Third, practice female sexuality. The main reason is that if you know more than she does, and how to take her to a higher level of orgasm and pleasure, you will never have to ask to “make love” again. You are the best experience she ever had, and maybe ever will have. She knows that.

The second reason, is that men’s sexuality is similar to women’s sexuality. It is easier to understand male sexuality if you understand female sexuality first. At least, that was my path to understanding it. I started learning about women’s sexuality, because I thought I knew everything about my sexuality. It is pretty simple in a man. At least, that is what everybody thinks, and that is what I assumed.

After studying female sexuality and understanding it, I began research into male sexuality. I thought it was unfair that women had such a complex and profound experience, and men had nothing similar. Rather, an experience with little meaning, less than three seconds of orgasm, and that is it. Fortunately, that is not all!

I assume you have read “Female Sexuality”, and understand that I am not a professional. I am glad I did not study sexology. I do not know what they study, but they seem to understand little about sexuality.