Life and Death

Together, they are evolution

Life is the most beautiful thing you possess, the only thing. Life is the succession of moments from your birth to your death. You choose your life, and you choose how to live it.

You cannot choose where or in what situation you are born. I do not understand people who are proud of something they had no influence on. It is the same as saying I am proud to have two hands. That is not important, is it? What is important is: what do you do with your hands? Or, what do you do with your life?

Life begins with the first breath you inhale, and life is the breath-taking moments you see when you exhale for the last time.

You understand life the moment you know you are going to die. The irony. You do not see the possessions, you do not see the luxury, you do not see the fame, you do not see the money. All you are going to see are the moments… the beautiful moments, the smiles, the love, the adventures. I am creating a lot of them, in the end, that is the only thing that counts, and I think this is the real purpose of life.

Our life is the only thing we really own. This life. We only have one chance to make it special. Meaningful. Beautiful. This is the only life we know exists. Everything else is speculation. We will never know… At least not in this life.