There are many questions to which humanity still has no satisfactory answer. In the last 30 years of my life I investigated the greatest mysteries of human existence. The idea of “One Theory of Everything” is to present a framework of thought that, as a whole, explains the questions of humankind that still have no answers.

For example, what is the meaning of life? Is there something beyond death? What is love? What is time? Is there a god? Why are we on the planet? What is reality? Is there the possibility of world peace? What is the hidden knowledge in the bible and other religious texts? What does it mean to be enlightened? What is an orgasm and its function? Is sex only for reproduction? Is there such a thing as paradise? Does our use of words change our existence? Can humanity create a reality different from the present one? What is real? What is the function of a religion? What is the higher state of being?

By researching and collecting data for as long as I can remember, I found a solution to all questions. The answers are here, in this philosophy.

I am not saying that this is the answer to everything, but it is a possible answer to everything, the best possible answer. This theory works for me, and maybe it will work for you too…

To answer all these questions, I wrote nine theses with different topics. These theses include sub-themes where other answers are hidden. The chapters are in order of importance, where knowledge should be studied and understood first. When you know, understand and apply this knowledge, you are enlightened. Then, you are able to define your theory about everything, which, works for you.


What is Love?
Life and Death
What is Time?
Religions and Science
The Secret Message of Sacred Texts
Female Sexuality
Male Sexuality
A Theory of Everything
World Peace, an Ideal…
The End or the Beginning

These essays are connected with the same method of thinking and understanding words, concepts and experiencing them. They form together: One Theory About Everything, The Natural Philosophy of Life and Love.

I explain a complex subject with simple words and examples. My aim is to make the concepts of this “Theory of Everything” simple to understand. If you can read, you can understand it. I don’t know if I achieved my goal, but you can judge if you can understand this theory. If my writing made you think, then the purpose of this book is fulfilled.

The idea of this book is not to explain everything down to the last detail, but to let you know other points of view. I hope with this book to inspire you to gather information, knowledge and to start the search for your own truth. Remember: there is only one truth that exists and that is what you feel in your heart, fed by what you put in your brain.

The more knowledge you put into your brain, the greater the peace you feel in your heart. Ignorance is the root of all evil.

I find my peace in the application of the fundamentals of my philosophy: searching for truth, gathering knowledge and admiring beauty. The processes of my philosophy are endless. A logical result is that every day I know something more. This “One Theory About Everything” is my first conclusion, it is a preliminary and temporary conclusion to today.

It is inevitable, following my own philosophy, that I will update this theory from time to time. This knowledge I share for your intellectual and spiritual enlightenment. Writing is not my favorite form of expression, so I keep my writing as short, clear and to the point as possible.

Do not read this book in one sitting, it will take you 96 minutes. You will miss the hidden information, the unspoken conclusions and the relationships between the different essays. Everything is related and connected.

My advice is: read for understanding and critical thinking, one essay at a time; read it more than once and try to use that knowledge. Philosophy is more than information gathering, it is a way of life.

You can apply philosophy and science where you are, it starts with an open mind and critical thinking…