Female Sexuality

Enlightenment through orgasm.


First, some announcements:

I am not a professional. I have not studied sexology. This essay is only an insight from a male perspective. I have used three research methods:

1. Informative: reading books, more than 196. From modern sexology, tantric, kamasutra, tao and then back to the Yellow Emperor. All are good, of course, complementary too. But I still miss something. I will only explain that something that I think is missing.

2. Research: questions and dialogue with women from all over the world, in different kinds of situations and cultures. The conclusion is: human beings behave primitively towards sexuality and, above all, orgasm.

3. Experimentation: I have used two methods, with people knowing or not knowing. (No intentional and non-consensual harm was done, the idea is always to give the best possible orgasms). I am not always experimenting. Sometimes it just happens.

Second announcement:

Modern science is a few thousand years behind in the study of sexuality and orgasm. Scientists are still debating whether or not the “G-spot” exists. If you think it exists, it exists.