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Philosophy is a way of life, not something you simply study. My philosophy is based on three eternal and continuous processes of acquiring knowledge, searching for truth and contemplating beauty. Of course, with absolute personal freedom. I am passionate about making the world a better place with my thinking, my writing and my being. Read more...


The basic idea of a “A Theory of Everything” is to present a framework of thoughts that together explain the unanswered questions of humanity. For example: What is the meaning of life? Is there something after death? What is love? What is time? Is there a god? Why are we on Earth? What is reality? After years of research and doing thought experiments, I came up with this “One Theory of Everything” that provides a comprehensive answer to all these questions. Read more about my book.

About me

A little about me… I have lived in many places, with different cultures around the globe. I have a few passports and am welcome everywhere. I’m a visitor to this planet, and like the song, wherever I lay my head, it’s home….